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Unlock the Future: Self-Storage Security Like You've Never Seen Before

Let us introduce ONE Lock by KISS.

Welcome to the

World of ONE Lock

Tired of the usual Smart Locks that run on batteries and networks but can be compromised within minutes? ONE Lock comes without the fuss of on-site hardware, Bluetooth, or batteries. Your tenants simply walk up to their storage unit, tap their phone, and it unlocks!

This is made possible through NFC, a technology you use every day. From charging your phone to making a quick coffee purchase, NFC is there making life easy and is now being introduced into the world of self storage.

How It All Works


Simple Setup

Set up once, enjoy endless benefits. We built a separate mobile application to assist your team to set up which locks belong to which unit. After assignment, we are ready to roll.


Tenant Rents Unit

Our system automatically connects to your property management software. If the tenant is current and the current renter of the unit, they can access it through our mobile app.


Quick Access

Tenants simply hold their phone close to the lock for 4-6 seconds. The NFC technology does its magic, and the lock disengages to allow entry.


Secure Lock-Up

To lock their unit again, tenants repeat the same process. With each tap, security is monitored, and peace of mind is restored.

ONE Lock's Unique Features

Simply the Best Approach

Redefining the security standards with ONE Lock. In a world where most locks rely on temperamental batteries or spotty networks, our solutions stands resolute. No on-site hardware, no Bluetooth, and no batteries – just a fortified lock assembly that’s close to impenetrable.

Lock Management Made Simple

ONE Lock is a breath of fresh air compared to other complicated locks filled with excess hardware. We’ve eliminated the needless complexities often associated with smart locks through an innovative design. ONE Lock is priced at just half the cost of its competitors, making sophisticated security more accessible than ever before.

Share Keys with a Simple Tap

It’s not just about granting access, but how you grant it. With ONE Lock’s NFC capability, sharing access is as simple as texting the key to a friend or coworker. Shared keys have an timed access to ensure that your belongings always remain secure.

Stay Ahead with Lock Alerts

In the unlikely event of an access issue, ONE Lock has you covered. Every interaction leaves a fingerprint, a trail of accountability. From staff access to any unusual attempts, smart alerts ensure you’re always in the loop. With 99.9% reliability in its NFC technology, you benefit from consistent security.

Why You'll Love ONE Lock

We’ve developed a lock solution tailored to the specific needs of the self-storage industry. Several benefits set ONE Lock apart and help you redefine what security means for your facilities.

Be the First to Experience the Future

As we approach an era where technology and security intertwine more than ever before, don’t let your facility be left behind. ONE Lock by KISS stands out as a pioneer, designed with an interchangeable base plate for easy installation. There’s nothing quite like this in the self-storage industry.

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