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Redefining how you manage
your facility

Our remote management tools introduce an incredibly  efficient way to run your day to day – Resulting in increased control and profitability 

Benefits? We've Got Plenty!

Increased Profitability

Get the complete picture of your foot traffic with KISS. No overstaffing or understaffing. Capture all walk-ins, lose no customers, miss no profits.

Staffing Flexibility

No more staffing drama. KISS ensures your team can cover facilities seamlessly, without the need for extra travel. Say goodbye to frantic hiring!

Remote Management

No more unnecessary site visits. With KISS, oversee operations from wherever you are. Your time, reclaimed. Your operation, streamlined.

Experience Unmatched Storage Solutions

At KISS, we provide state-of-the-art solutions designed to make running your self-storage facilities simple.

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With KISS customers see up to an 55% reduction in staffing costs, while increasing converson rates

We Transform Self-Storage with Cutting-Edge Tech

Greeting Every Tenant With a Smile

Greet your customers as if you’re there in person. With our solutions, we provide exceptional service and maintain the personal touch, all while using the flexibility of tech.

Providing Insightful Data to Run Your Operation

Meaningful numbers at your fingertips. Everything from understanding your team’s top performers to being alerted when a tenant is accessing their belongings at suspicious hours of the night.

Crafting the Ultimate Tenant Experience

Our mobile app lets customers manage everything themselves, from renting a unit to making payments. Combining the app with our auto-attendant (MASON) ensures your operations run smoothly 24/7.

Designed By Industry Veterans For You

KISS is your go-to provider for streamlined operations, improving staff roles, and top-notch customer experiences, all designed by and for industry veterans.

Streamlined Operations

Developed by experienced industry operators, our technology addresses real-world challenges, simplifying processes that once seemed disjointed.

Enhanced Customer Experience

Your customers interact with real-life personnel in real-time, creating a seamless and personalized journey that raises your service standard.

Single, Comprehensive Platform

We offer a single, comprehensive platform that caters to all your facility’s needs, from two-way video interaction to payments via our innovative technology.

Job Enrichment

We’ve redesigned the job description of storage managers, integrating technology into daily tasks to improve their roles. The result? Higher employee satisfaction.

Scalable Solution

Whether you’re managing facilities on the east coast, the west, or even internationally, our technology ensures consistency across all your locations.

Risk-Free Adoption

We provide on-site visits and personalized analysis of your business, ensuring our technology fits your needs. Step into the future of storage operations with us.


One Platform, Infinite Possibilities

At KISS, we’ve experienced the growing pains of the self-storage industry firsthand. We’ve seen the once simple business become complicated, prompting us to create a unified solution to resolve operational challenges, improve customer experience, and ultimately, increase profit margins.

Our technology transforms day-to-day operations, making them not just easier, but also empowering for your team. We’ve developed solutions that streamline management, minimize staffing issues, and allow for higher-quality hires. With KISS, managers can oversee multiple facilities effortlessly, a game-changer in operational efficiency.

Our all-in-one platform, featuring technologies like an advanced virtual management system and innovative ONE lock, elevates the customer experience while reducing operational complexity. KISS is your partner in navigating the ever-evolving storage industry, offering innovative, value-driven solutions to simplify your operations and boost your bottom line.

KISS in Action: What Our Clients Say

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